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#PilotUnity 2017

Nobody should be afraid to speak up, be a whistle blower or stick his/her neck out.

Yet a handful of European airlines still prefer to intimidate, subtly pressure or completely silence their crews. Management strategies from the union-busting handbook have obstructed pilots from speaking with one voice.

Some who dared to speak up in the past were singled out, disciplined or fired.

#PilotUnity fund available on
A fund for pilot leaders

But the recent cancellation crisis pushed a new generation of pilots to act. They no longer agree with having their contracts changed unilaterally (when they have a contract at all…). They want to negotiate as a group, on equal terms with their management. They want to elect their pilot leaders. They want their representatives to stand up and speak on their behalf, without fear of punishment or worse - losing their job.

We have set up this benevolent fund to provide a safety net for pilot leaders. It is available to those who find themselves out of a job in direct consequence of stepping forward as a representative to voice concerns and to assert the pilot profession’s right to Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining.

This #PilotUnity struggle is more intense than ever before. And pilots need your support!

safety net
Who manages it?

The fund is administered by the European Cockpit Association on behalf of the entire pilot community, with the sole purpose to provide financial security to such pilot leaders, having distinguished themselves in the struggle for collective representation.

Whether you have been a vocal supporter of fair direct employment, or you too are a flying professional, or you believe that all people are entitled to stand up for their rights without being punished for it, you can show your support by contributing to this #PilotUnity Fund.

The pilot community is one, united and determined to go in one direction #PilotUnity

Why support?

The recent momentum creates the opportunity for historical change. But the precondition to achieve it is that we stand strong and united behind the colleagues who put themselves in the forefront. With this #PilotUnity fund we are assuring them that they have nothing to fear, and at the same time spreading the message that the pilot community is one, united and determined to go in one direction.  

Details on how the #PilotUnity fund will be administered are available in the Charter. If you are considering a major donation that might need specific consideration, please get in touch with ECA first.

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