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ECA Mission
ECA Mission

"The European Cockpit Association represents the collective interests of its Member Associations at European level, striving for the highest levels of aviation safety and fostering social rights and quality employment for pilots in Europe."

Safety vision
  • Europe’s aviation is the safest and most secure aviation system in the world;
  • European safety legislation is based on strong prescriptive rules, supplemented by performance based elements; overseen by genuinely effective National Supervisory Authorities and EASA, with genuine accountability at the appropriate level.
  • Pilots are trained to the highest standards of airmanship based on real flying experience, and with a thorough understanding of automation use and its limitations.
  • All pilots work within a Just Culture environment where they are encouraged to engage in open reporting, exercise independent professional judgement, and exercise commander’s authority without fear of sanction or negative repercussion.
  • The European aviation security environment recognises professional pilots as a valuable part of a risk based and differentiated chain that does not impede their professional role; one that is fully supported by EU wide intelligence sharing and high quality risk assessment available to all. 
Organisational vision
  • ECA & its Member Associations, representing the pilot profession, lead developments in all areas of the aviation industry, particularly in the safety, political and professional arenas
  • All European pilots are represented by ECA & its MAs, regardless of geographical location, the size of their company, or the type of operations and recognise the relevance of this representation for their future
  • ECA & its MAs are flexible and will continuously evolve to stay ahead of the developments in the industry and the EU
  • ECA and its MAs are united, using their respective strengths, personnel and resources at the appropriate level to be most effective
  • In a globalised aviation market, safety and good working conditions are protected through the joint work of IFALPA, ECA and MAs
Professional vision
  • Every professional Pilot operating in Europe is represented by ECA MAs, is covered by the best possible Collective Labour Agreement, and is subject to EU laws and EEA countries’ social laws, in a global fair and social aviation market.
  • Europe’s legislation leaves no place for companies engaging in social dumping based on ‘atypical’ forms of employment, forum-shopping, flags of convenience that distort fair competition within Europe.
  • The companies’ freedoms to operate across national borders are matched by corresponding workers’ rights to organise, bargain and enforce labour agreements transnationally.