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After September 11, 2001, security considerations have entered many aspects of the aviation business. This is why - for the last four years - ECA has actively participated in the Stakeholder Advisory Group on Aviation Security (SAGAS) - a set of regular, but informal meetings organised by the EU Commission to consult industry on the developments in Security legislation.

While some of the security proceedings may seem bureaucratic and cumbersome, ECA is generally satisfied with the results achieved through this forum.

ECA, together with other aviation stakeholders, think that the current revision of the EU security legislation (Regulations 2320 and 622) provides an important opportunity to formally recognise the SAGAS group as a permanent body. Institutionalising the advisory group will bring transparency to the way that security measures are developed and implemented.

It would also increase the quality of EU security laws by allowing pilots and other industry experts to bring their practical experience to Europe's decision-makers.

With security measures increasingly affecting our members' working environment, ECA is convinced that pilot participation in selected security forums at all levels is crucial.

ECA therefore strongly encourages all our Member Associations to ensure that National Authorities include pilot representatives in the new "Security Committees" that every country will have to create in their airports, as a result of the revision of ICAO Annex 17 (effective as of 1st July 2006).

Pilot representation on Security matters, both at EU level, and at the local airport level, remain equally important for us as pilots. We have to ensure that our views are being heard and taken into consideration before security decisions influencing our daily routines are being put into force. It is up to us to make a difference!