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Meeting for an extraordinary General Assembly, in Copenhagen, the European Cockpit Association (ECA), representing 34.000 European pilots, adopted a new structure that will allow for a more proactive and efficient representation of pilots' interests in the EU.

The structure provides for a small Executive Board of Directors, with specific competences assigned to each Director. The Executive Board will be able to take decisions more quickly, acting within the strategic guidelines set by a quarterly ECA Conference, involving all ECA Member Associations. The new structure also allows for the integration of further pilot associations from the wider European region that are currently not yet members of ECA.

The Executive Board is composed of the following members:

  • Capt. Martin CHALK (UK) President
  • Capt. Henk DE VRIES (NL) Vice-President
  • Capt. Heinz FRÜHWIRTH (AT) Technical Director
  • Capt. Thomas MILDENBERGER (DE) Technical Director
  • Capt. George KARAMBILAS (LU) Professional Director
  • Capt. Kari VOUTILAINEN (FI) Professional Director
  • Capt. Odd HAUGSBAK (NO) Administration & Finance Director

ECA President, Capt. Chalk: "European aviation is undergoing deep changes that will profoundly impact our aviation business, crew and passenger safety and the working environment for pilots and other mobile aviation staff. European legislation and regulations will have to play a key role in ensuring that European aviation is competitive and at the same time sustainable in safety, social and environmental terms. ECA will actively contribute to these objectives and ensure that pilots' expertise, concerns and interests are taken into consideration in the EU's legislative process to enhance sustainable growth of our sector."

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