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News in brief #4

>>  Masks? Yes. Temperature checks? Yes. Social distancing onboard? Maybe. Strong, harmonised, and mutually accepted rules on how to operate safe flights with COVID present in our societies? YES. Here is our recipe for safely navigating through the COVID crisis, issued ahead of the publication of EASA & ECDC guidelines for Return to Normal Operations. 

>> A group of Europe’s aviation associations, including ECA, calls on the European Commission to develop an all-inclusive, cooperative approach to ensure the safe integration of drones into European airspace. The letter calls on the Commission to have a fresh look at its latest regulation proposal and to develop it further in order to secure the support of the aviation industry.

>> The COVID-19 crisis killed the last argument that atypical ‘contractor’ set-ups could be in some way good for workers. ECA called any national or EU financial aid or support to airlines to be made conditional on socially responsible behaviour and acting in the public interest: "Support should be available only to those airlines that commit to support real employment through the crisis, and engage in constructive and genuine social dialogue with unions.”

>> Over the years, Ryanair pilots have made very significant contributions to the company's success and to the accumulation of very strong liquidity on the balance sheet. Now is the time for the company to reinvest in all of its workforce by retaining jobs, says the Ryanair Transnational Pilot Group (RTPG).

>> Should aircrew be declared posted? If you miss some of the pre-COVID aviation problems, be sure to check the new Van Olmen & Wynant Report on Posting of Workers in Aviation. A clear answer to this question is fundamental for ensuring the protection of aircrew rights and for the good functioning of the internal market.