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COVID-19 Updates

All relevant COVID-19 information - pilot testimonies, health & safety advice, news are available in this section (last update: 3 June 2020)

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COVID-19 Safety Aspects

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many among us are still operating flights, be it as a skeleton service, rescue or cargo missions. Since so many authorities have published guidance to limit spreading of the virus – covering different areas in more detail – and some incorrect information is also out there, it may be difficult for flight crews to find relevant information for their specific task.

This leaflet is an attempt to address this issue by collecting official guidance regarding the coronavirus in a single paper. Referenced text is reproduced as-is. 


Fatigue Mitigation during COVID-19

As the aviation industry adapts to the restrictions put in place to combat COVID-19, the regular fatigue measures for flights are being pushed to their limits more than normal. In particular, repatriation flights can be longer than usual and may involve limited or no opportunities for rest at destination ports. For cargo operations, pilots continuously face such restrictions. The IFALPA HUPER Fatigue Management Working Group has provided some initial recommendations for operators and crews to consider whilst managing the risks of fatigue during these operations. 


Letter to EU Commission COVID19 pilots
Call to the EU Commission

High-performing air mobility is one of the foundations of any strong and prosperous economy. What matters today is therefore to preserve a functioning European air transport industry, as essential long-term public infrastructure, and as a significant provider of high-quality jobs for European citizens, in the public interest. All airlines should strive together with their staff representatives to safeguard their employees and assets, through this unprecedented crisis.

Our call to the European Commission

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COVID-19 crisis and its effect on aviation mental health

Airlines, aviation organisations and their employees were not prepared for a pandemic, like COVID-19.

Most European and international airlines have stopped flying or are focussing on cargo flights, medical and rescue operations or return flights. Most countries have issued strict quarantine and physical distancing measures. The COVID-19 crisis exposes all flight crews, their relatives and passengers to particularly high psychological stressors. Read the statement by the European Pilot Peer Support Initiative (EPPSI).

Flying during the pandemic
Helicopter pilots
At maximum capacity during COVID-19 pandemic
CARGO pilots operate at maximum capacity hoping to help society to endure the COVID-19 challenge a little better
The Irish Coast Guard under COVID-19
COVID-19 took my dream AND my job away
A pilot quits a bogus self-employment scheme in pursuit of his dream. But loses both amid COVID-19