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Striking a balance!

The past year wasn’t one thing for sure: boring! A lot of different subjects kept us quite busy at ECA throughout the year. On one side that’s good, because it shows that things are moving, different developments are taking shape. On the other side it keeps us operating at a pace that can’t be maintained forever. Not only the ECA team in Brussels, but also all our experts – who are all active pilots – have felt the pressure and the workload in the past year.

To start my review, I first will have to thank all those, whose efforts have made our achievements in 2016 possible. There is of course our team in the Brussels office. They continuously work so dedicated for our goals that I sometimes think: being a part of that team is already worth doing this job! And then there are all our experts, pilots of smaller or larger airlines, coming from all over Europe. While their flying job is already very demanding, they additionally spend a lot of their precious time to dig into the piles of paper that we send them. All their efforts are extremely important to us, because at the end of the day they all form the image of ECA: a reliable source of first hand expertise, coming from the core of the airline business!

Thank you all for your dedicated spirit, I know we should not take it for granted! As I mentioned above, it is good to be so busy, because this also means that ECA is a partner that many want to have included in their fact-finding missions or decision-making processes in aviation. I know that some of my colleagues would not mind having some more time for their family & friends.

I hope they will find this during the Christmas period, at the end of this year. But looking over the edge of 2016, I do not have much hope that 2017 will be boring!


by Capt. Dirk Polloczek