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Since August 13th, heightened seismic activity at the volcano Bardarbunga in Iceland has been observed. Several hundreds of earthquakes per day, some exceeding strength 5 on the Richter scale were sensed, and it was feared that the volcano might erupt. Status of the volcano had been set to RED for some time, and a danger area around the volcano had been established. IFR flights were not cleared into this area; it was de facto a no-fly zone.  When the situation had stabilized again, the status of the volcano returned to ORANGE, and the danger area had been removed. Early on August 29th, lava flow had been detected northeast of Bardarbunga, where the bulk of the seismic activity moved. The Icelandic authorities are closely monitoring the situation and have installed additional mobile observing stations. Information about an eruption affecting the airspace over and around Iceland can therefore be expected almost in real-time. Read more information about Bardarbunga in IFALPA's Safety Bulletin.