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We would also like to introduce you to Stefano Piri, who joined ECA as an Industrial Policy Advisor in September and will reinforce our efforts for better employment conditions & protecting worker’s right. Please welcome Stefano!  

Stefano Piri

“I moved to Brussels three years ago to work in the European Parliament as a political advisor on the committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, with a main focus on migration policies and human rights in the Schengen space.

I immediately found myself particularly interested in the labour dimension of migration in terms of fair competition and workers rights, which led me after a few months to the European trade unions’ movement, in the sector of construction.

There I worked on posting of workers and other forms of atypical and temporary work such as employment agencies and economically dependent self-employment, as well as on occupation safety and health issues.

My commitment to protecting workers’ rights in the labour relations on the ground of fair competition is one of the main elements bringing me to the position of ECA Industrial Policy Advisor. I believe that the European social model needs to be protected and strengthened, and that the aviation sector presents key challenges to be immediately addressed: flags of convenience, social dumping and abuse of atypical work. ” 

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