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Ryanair pilots’ support to manage costs & retain jobs

– Response to Ryanair Holdings plc - Covid-19 market update –


The pilot body in all of Ryanair Group’s companies recognises the unprecedented circumstances we are in.  While there is a high level of uncertainty in the short term, we are optimistic that we can rebound from our current difficulties as quickly as passengers regain confidence to fly again.

To be able to respond quickly and efficiently it is essential that full capacity of the company is retained for the maximum possible time.

Governments have already provided extremely valuable support to retain jobs and we believe this foundation should continue to be built on.

We appreciate the need to manage costs, particularly at a time when fare revenues are temporarily reduced.

Over years, pilots have made very significant contributions to the company's success and to the accumulation of very strong liquidity on the balance sheet. Now is therefore the right time for the company to reinvest in all of its workforce by retaining jobs, currency of crews’ licenses, and managing the available work in the most flexible way possible and in close cooperation with the company’s staff representatives.


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